Social media's image manipulation and its effects on beauty perception.



In the last decade, social media have spread an unrealistic representation of beauty that has been successful in developing a negative distortion of beauty perception in users. 


By imposing western standardized beauty ideals that tend to homologate the concept of what is beautiful thanks to image manipulating technology, users face the risk of never being satisfied with their appearance and push them to change their own physical image on digital devices, which unfortunately could also expose them to negative physical and psychological consequences.


For my BA Project, I created a series of self-portraits where I embody a futuristic post-human aesthetic by using make-up, masks, props, and digital image manipulation. I believe that through the different variations provided by both analog and digital mediums it is possible to create a new, unique and inclusive alternative to the beauty representations and standards offered nowadays. 

My interpretation of beauty is constantly evolving, it is fluid and free, it lives between the real and the intangible, between nature and technology, and can never be defined by any reductive dichotomy. It is emancipation from standardized

beauty ideals.